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What I Like About My Albion (english)

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I specifically asked [the Button Box if they] can maje the treble and a baritione.. is it not possible to make a tenor...which seems to me the best of both worlds... "not tooled up for it".. ok
Rich has said something about a *possible* 48 button tenor english using concertina reeds after the Hayden hits the market.  Was there any news about the Hayden?

It *is* possible to for us to make a tenor, but not with our current model design as we can't get enough accordion reeds in there to meet the range requirements (the C below MC to the "high D") and keep it the same size we have. Rather than go to a larger size box we're waiting until we get our concertina reeds going to use them to make the tenor in a 6 1/4" hex.


While we didn't bring any "hard" evidence of our Hayden project to NESI, I did bring a bunch of CAD drawings showing the reeds, reedpan, chambers, action, frames, etc. I was so caught up in other things at NESI that they didn't get "out there" much except with Sean with whom I had some great Hayden conversations.


The sticking point for the project for the past couple of years was in finding a machinist that could reliably produce our reeds en masse. Last summer we finally found just the person (small company actually) and we are working with him to refine the reed pitch and flexural properties. Concurrently, I'm working on the vent undercut design and testing.

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