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Travel Insurance For Concertinas

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I am in the UK and travelling to Europe soon on a holiday and am considering insuring my concertina for the duration of the holiday.


Has anyone in the UK had any experience with this? Could someone possibly recommend an insurance company?


Best wishes,


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I've planned a holiday trip in the opposite direction - Germany to Scotland - for August. It's a nautical holiday, so I'm taking my humble Stagi Anglo with me. Never thought about extra insurance - wouldn't it be covered by any luggage insurance?




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I have taken my 'tinas to Germany and France several times to folk dance festivals. I get 30 days cover on my house contents insurance that lets me do this as long as I am not a professional musician, likewise for the SqueezEast Concertina Band and the value of individual items is less than £5000. IT is a premium contents cover though and costs a bit more than standard. It may pay to make some enquiries.



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It probably is covered by luggage insurance but it would not be wise to actually put it in your checked-in luggage and, if carried by hand, it should be safe. Surely luggage insurance only covers the items whilst one is travelling and up to when it is handed over? Then you would need to insure it for when it is outside the airport.

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This may be apples and oranges being that I'm in America, but I have a 'valuable personal property' insurance policy for my musical instruments. For instruments in the few-thousand-dollar range like my Morse concertinas and my Martin guitar, the insurance agency just accepts my personal appraisal. For the Jeffries, I got it appraised professionally and faxed the appraisal letter to my insurance company. I think I pay $100-200/year total for all the instruments (about $20,000 total appraised value for eight or ten itemized instruments?), and they're covered whether I'm home or traveling. I don't know whether the policy would have to change if I were using them professionally.


Lower-value possessions have just been included in my home-owners (or previously renters) insurance policies, whether I and the possessions are at my dwelling or elsewhere. I don't know where the line officially is between 'a normal possession' and 'valuable personal property'. My laptop costs more than my Pokerworks, but the laptop is just 'a normal possession' while the Pokerworks are also in my VPP policy. (But I added them as sort of an afterthought and maybe I didn't really need to.)


Things may work entirely differently in the UK. I'm curious.

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