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Shutting Down My Website

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My interests have moved on, and I'm not going to renew the charges on my anglo concertina website. If there is anything on there that any of you would wish to download, please feel free to take it before August 5, when I will pull the plug. It was fun and useful for a time, but I haven't updated that site now for ages.


The site is



If you poke around a bit, you'll find some research articles, and some photos of 'concertina trips' to South Africa and Australia a few years ago...those trips were great fun.




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I have also archived this site - I have very much enjoyed Dan's two books on the anglo concertina.


For the technically inclined, this is the command I ran to mirror the site locally in a Mac terminal in an empty directory:


$ wget --limit-rate=20k --wait=5 --random-wait --mirror --convert-links --recursive --page-requisites --user-agent="" --execute robots=off --no-clobber http://www.angloconcertina.org

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