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Her Long Dark Hair Flowing Down Her Back

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I've been learning the Maccann like a maniac for the past few months and I can't believe I've not recorded any of the tunes I've been learning. I've got a few others I should definitely put up as I've found a few tunes that are really lovely to play on the Maccann, which I haven't seen other people having a go at (although to be fair, I rarely see much Maccann stuff anyway :D).


I think this tune is Irish, but I'm not sure. I heard it from a couple of French friends, so having now Anglicised their version, I expect this is pretty far from the way it's played originally:




Nice to have finally got the hang of G on the Bb Maccann. D is still a bit tricky (the C# is in a horrific location) but I'm slowly getting there. I'm almost session friendly on it now ;)

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Thanks guys!


Aye I've been fairly occupied with a new job recently Defra, hence the lack of recordings :D

Got a few other lovely tunes I've been playing quite regularly that I'll try to record soon. I've almost got the hang of moving my hands in opposite directions on it now, though that makes my head hurt :blink:

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I didn't know you could get B-flat Maccanns. So when you're playing in G or D, you're effectively having to play in what for me is A or E. How scary is that? Conversely, the jazz band I play in is usually in flat keys, so your box would be useful for that!


And I like your recording, by the way.

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Aye, it's a bit of an oddity! It's very at home in Bb/F/C, and Eb/G aren't too bad now I've got the hang of them. D is a bit of a pig though, and I haven't even tried A yet :blink:

It has a nice benefit of going down to a B on the treble-side when playing in G, without being too massive an instrument, which is handy! :D

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