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The Dynaflex Pro Wrist Exerciser Gadget

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At Overstock.com I noticed this exercise gadget being offered: http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PA...&PROD_ID=524208


I've gotten some good deals from Overstock.com so I decided to order one for my daughter, who was having an elbow problem.


Anyway, the gadget came today and I like it so much that I think I'll keep it, and if she even decides to try it and wants one, I'll have to order another!


It took me several tries to get it 'going' right. But, once I did, I was off and running. And, there's a noticeable workout from it for the hands, wrists, arms, etc.. It's pretty amazing.


So...I imagine that someone with carpal tunnel syndrome might find it a nice 'toy' and it is in fact recommended for that.


There's a more 'deluxe' one, too.


I found the company's website, and they have a video to demonstrate the Dynaflex, linked from this page.


Honestly, at first, I really thought I'd wasted my money on a 'weird yo-yo' that wasn't any good. But, once I'd put it to the test, I thought it was great.

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We have one of these and you're right, it's a great wrist & forearm exerciser. It's also fun to play with. My son can start it right up without the string. He just gets it going with his other hand and starts twisting it and it starts right up. I still have to use the string.


I don't really do it much because I have a killer whole body workout that is by far the best exercise I've done. It's very intense and requires much care and concentration, but it's amazingly rewarding. It's more like a sport or martial art than an exercise program and I do it as much for fun as for fitness. It's kettlebells. (www.dragondoor.com) The site is a bit hype ridden (Watch the fat literally melt from your body!), but essentially all the claims are true. I'm not connected in any way to dragondoor, just a happy customer.


bruce boysen, owns 8 kettlebells, 5 bicycles, but *only two* concertinas.

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It's kettlebells.


:huh: That would most surely be the end of me. I barely survive walking my (100-plus lbs) doggie, these days! :D


Looks interesting, though. I'd never heard of kettlebells.


My daughter did try the Dynaflex, she may decide to take it back to school with her. I won't really miss it...it's great, but, it seems to aggravate the sore-fingers problem that I have (after having tried it for a while).


I really miss the yoga classes I used to go to. But, I just can't justify all the expense of them, these days -- and, for me, the added driving time/costs and the inconvenience of being away from home (it starts being a problem) is hardly worth it -- I pay for the relaxation with more stress.


I am soooo out of shape though, by my standards, and I am going to drop dead for sure if I don't do something. I am just going to have to work on developing my Concertina Yoga classes!!!! I'll be my only student, for a while, but...who knows? Maybe it'll be the next yoga wave... :)


As for a more martial-arts type workout, well, my daily life is so full of physical demands (though, I did recently finally call a handyman company for some stuff around here) that I think I'm better off to combine any muscle-y stuff with a more yoga-type, breathing/stretching routine.


And, anyway, HI BRUCE, was wondering where you went...haven't heard from you here in a while!

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Hi Wendy,

I've been around. I just posted a few times on the Albion thread.


Kettlebells are tricky and it's vital you do it right or you'll get hurt. The results from them are pretty dramatic, they'll get you in shape in no time at all. They're super time efficient, a twenty minute workout can be a killer, plus you only need one k'bell and you can do it at home, so in less time than it might take to drive to & from the gym you can do the whole thing. It's also a one time investment of just a few hundred bucks. They also are a strength-endurance workout, so you build muscle & get an aerobic workout all at once.

bruce boysen

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I really miss the yoga classes I used to go to.  But, I just can't justify....


Okay, okay, so I said that. But, justification no longer matters. I AM going back to yoga classes. At least, I'm going to give it a try, at a new place, different instructor (not that my former one wouldn't be fine, but, for one thing, I think he's too far away, these days), and I'll be starting at an easy level. :)


Yay for me!

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