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Clare Music 'field' Recordings New At Clare Library

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Clare library has this week quietly launched a new feature of their website: Traditional Music of Clare. A selection of recordings from private collections. A great wealth of music, including concertina players (John Naughton, Lizzie Crotty, Junior Crehan, Miko Doyle, Kitty Hayes and others.


Also check out Clare singers and songs


And perhaps my own contribution Photos of Clare musicians and singers and musicians and singers in Clare


About the project, on the library blog




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Thank you for sharing the music and photos!


More than a decade ago I purchased a limited print signed by Peter himself in which Mick Mulcahy & Gerdy Commane played together. It is mt treasure and still hanging on the wall of my room. I am very glad to see other photos :-)




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The picture gallery is great. Thanks for doing all that work Peter.


Thank you sir. There will be a few nights you remember and you make a few appearances there yourself.


It's good to have a collection of faces up there. And awful lot of them are now gone. Going through the negatives is a strange mix of sadness and happy memories.






I have an awful lot more negatives to go through but unfortunately the librarians responsible for these projects and the content of the website, Anthony Edwards and Maureen Comber, have left Clare Library starting today. It looks like they won't be replaced. So what's up there now is up but it's not likely anything will be added in the near future at least. But, for my part, a wider selection of pics will be going to ITMA and that will be my next project.

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My thanks go to Peter, Anthony Edwards, Maureen Comber, all donators, all the singers and musicians, and the Clare Library for providing the music, images, sound files, biographies and descriptions to us all. Access to this work and act of generosity will be an enormous benefit to those of us interested in the music.

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