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Two Excellent Anglos For Sale.

Mike Acott

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post-10987-0-10442000-1467314814_thumb.jpgpost-10987-0-24124900-1467314823_thumb.jpgpost-10987-0-25971600-1467314832_thumb.jpgpost-10987-0-75588700-1467314840_thumb.jpgpost-10987-0-92649300-1467314849_thumb.jpgpost-10987-0-68825000-1467314857_thumb.jpgA 30 key Bb/F rosewood anglo and a peak period 41 key Linota (2 done keys date 1921) If either are sold from this site a donation will be made. Both have been fully restored and are in concert pitch. Email me for photos or avisit to play the instruments

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Hello Thys, the "Linota" concertinas manufactured between 1910 and 1934 are considered valuable and collectable (if they are in good condition). The term "Linota" was given to anglo Wheatstone concertinas. These pre-war * Linota * concertinas have oval Wheatstone badges...and have the word "Linota" stamped on the handles. Wheatstone concertinas made after World War 2 are regarded to be of inferior quality and sound compared to the pre-war Wheatstone concertinas.


Most "Linota" Wheatstone concertinas made in the 1940's to 1950 do not have "rivited" action (rivited aksie) and they have concertina reeds set in aluminium reed frames or "shoes". The valuable pre war * Linota * concertinas have reeds set in brass frames or brass "shoes". You can help by sending photos of the reedpans inside of the concertina. Viewers will be able to see if the reeds are screwed to the reedpans and if the reeds are "clinched" or held in place by a tiny cross bar. A person can then also see if the Wheatstone serial number on the badge is the same as the serial number on the inside reedpans. There have been cases where the serial number on the outside of the concertina is not the same as the serial number on the inside. All these suggestions I make...helps a person decide the value and worth of an instrument......

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