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Wtb Hi-Quaility Anglo Concertina For Restoration


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Hello Concertina forum,


I've been bitten by the concertina bug and it has me looking hi n low for a suitable specimen! Started with the idea of buying a restored vintage, to making our own ala Clover kit...however after speaking with Mr. Walker recently my direction has gone to looking at vintage concertinas that need work, but have untouched concertina reeds (Old pitch). This has led to perusing the bay and also the auctions...with no luck so far. However, I'm one for the journey so thought to post here in case someone would have something suitable for ITM n Folk music.


Should add that my husband n I have a small Luthier shop and specialize in restoration of vintage instruments...a concertina would be an exciting first for us!


For sound reference I'm crazy for the sound of Caitlin Nic Gabhann's concertina (Jeffries?) and yes I should be more humble in my concertina tastes but being a musician and cancer survivor has spoiled me I'm afraid.


With thanks, Annette Siegel


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Hi. Also a luthier by avocation, hooked on boxes. This was my solution to massive frete damage on a very old Jones 26. I used some of the old wood and removed a ton of unnecessary support "cleats" that deadend the right side. It fits my pseudonym and I figure I could always redo it with more traditional fretework if I ever want to sell it



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