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Wanted: Cheapish Bb/f


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I'm after a Bb/F to do songs. Doesn't need to be a fast instrument, and i think 2 rows will suffice. So, I guess the best likely cheapest option would be a Lachenal.


Anyone ?




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I just bought an English tenor because I saw Pete Wood recently in London using one as he sang. I can't play none too well yet but it gives me something to aim at. He did point out to me that it is easier to learn when one is young, which is no doubt true. However, hopefully I'll have a few years yet to succeed in this aim, and I have fallen in love with this instrument.


Best of luck finding the right concertina for you Wellsy.

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Simon, if you were prepared to go down a further semitone, I would consider selling you my 20 key Crabb in A/E.

Steel reeds, non-original bushed metal buttons, made in the late 1940s I believe. I'm the second owner, having purchased it in 1978.

Please email or ring me if you fancy a trip... :-)

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Hello Malcolm, sorry I've been slow to respond to your reply. Any instrument from you would be a beauty. But I think A/E doesn't offer me enough versatility from the C/G. A major and B minor, and F# minor are already easy enough on the C/G. The A/E would give me E major.


But Bb/F gives me F and G minor. When i accompany singers in bands F often raises its head, more often than E, in folk music anyway. F is my favourite singing key in that range too.


But, I'll think about this. How much would you be asking ? I don't know how to PM on here. But I'm at smnwlls58@gmail.


Thanks, Simon

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