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Lawrence Leadley Vol. 4

Pete Dunk

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One of Lawrence Leadley's manuscripts that wasn't included in the well known "Fiddler of Helperby" book has been transcribed by The Village Music Project and is now available online. Here is a link to the abc file, if anyone would like a PDF version then give me a shout and I'll make one up. This volume contained a mixture of dance tunes and longer classical pieces which gave us some headaches! It also "contains material that had been popular for some time, as well as up to the minute sets of quadrilles and polkas, and many very fine hornpipes." to quote ChrisP


Leadley Vol. 4

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The manuscripts are in a private collection and there are seven of them. I didn't realise that the tunes in the Fiddler of Helperby were included in this transciption as I only saw the twenty or so pages that I transcribed. Here is ChrisP's comment on my post in another forum.


"A little clarification before you wander off looking for it. It was one of the seven tunebooks belonging to Leadley. James Merryweather and Matt Seattle published a selection of dance tunes from these in the book "The Fiddler of Helperby", which is now out of print. Our transcription includes the tunes selected for the book, but also the ones considered off topic, by way of providing context. And there are indeed many fine hornpipes in there, plus Peter's eight page mammoth transcription of spidery ledger line hell."


I doubt that there is online access to scans of all seven volumes otherwise Chris would have linked to it on Folkopedia. I will ask the question but I'll be very surprised if any other manuscripts have been made available otherwise we'd be transcribing them now!

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Thank you Pete. The reason for my interest is that here in Tasmania we have a 1830 manuscript written by Mundy which has just been discovered, the tunes we believe are all his, quadrille, polkas and so on. Leadley is of the same era, so here is wondering??


All the best




PS, I have printed off the PDF for volume 4.

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