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Edgley Professional 30 Button Gd


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For sale.


Not used much, and as it has aged in the case, I have aged on the outside of the case.

My window of opportunity to become Jody Kruskal or Noel Hill like has passed, so I

would like to get this into the hands of one who will play it.

Serial number 304. $2850 $2650 $2500 $2350 $2200 $2050

7 fold bellows, Jeffries layout, pau ferro wood GD Concertina


8/22 Price reduced

10/24 price reduced

12/26 Price reduced to $2200.

01/30 Price reduced to $2050

Corrected also to note wood is pau ferro, not cocobola

05/012017 Price reduced to $1950



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I hate to interject, but you realise that a brand new professional Edgley can be had for about $3000 Canadian, which with current exchange rates translates to $2000 US?


Great instruments, btw.



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