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I just purchased my first concertina. I'm a rookie just learning how to play so while my talent for the instrument is in it's infant stage my love and enthusiasm is incredibly high. I just got my all-black Wren concertina from irishmusik.com and am practicing the basics. My question is whether the Wren uses a Jeffries or Wheatstone layout. I'm still very new and a little tip would be nice. Thanks to all for reading this and to anyone who responds.

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You can compare the two layouts here:




I'm not familiar with the Wren. But even if you have no musical background at all (you didn't say), you can tell what you have by pressing the first (topmost) button on the right side in the accidental (farthest from you) row. If the note you hear when you push the bellows closed is lower in pitch than the note you hear on the draw, it's the Wheatstone system. If the push-note is higher than the draw-note, it's Jeffries.


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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Welcome to the world of squezeboxes ;-) I used a free tuning app on my fone to 'map' out all the notes when i first started, or you could use a cheap electronic tuner for guitars type thing

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