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Lachenal 28Key Help With Layout And Dates....

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Evening all,


on spur of the moment i picked up a 28key lachenal anglo on ebay. I'm quite pleased with it but wondered if anyone could date it for me - serial number 167442, closest i can get is 1870-1930


also what's the accidentals layout likely to be?



thanks in advance




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Closer to 1930. That's a high number. The accidentals lay-out will be the same as those of a standard 30 button Anglo, save that two buttons are absent. If it's in C/G, you are missing low e/f in the left hand and high a/f in the right hand.

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Your No. 167442 was made in about 1900. I have the original receipt for No. 162849--a 20 key dated in 1898.

What is the rest of the description for your 28 key?

My guesses: wood fretwork, bone buttons, steel reeds and 5-fold bellows.

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I would like to revise one of my guesses.

My new guess is brass reeds instead of steel. Why?

Because No. 167448 is also 28 key and has wood fretwork, bone buttons, brass reeds and 5-fold bellows.

There could have been a batch of 28-keys with the same features.

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Spot on, yes all correct and brass reeds,how lovely to get some background. Mahogany ends btw. Lovely sound to it. Thanks for the info. It need some minor attention, I wonder if anyone knows of decent repairer in Oxford /London area?

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