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Kendrick & Needham, Workshop/concert - Montague, Ma - June 18

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Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, on tour from the UK, present an evening concert of English ballads, songs, and music in Montague Center, MA, on June 18, 2016. Their wide-ranging repertoire leans towards Derbyshire dialect and maritime. Between them, they play English, duet, and Anglo concertinas, and they are known for their striking a capella harmony as well.


The afternoon workshop, "Playing by Ear: the How and the Why" is appropriate for all English and duet concertinas, and for Anglo concertinas in C/G or G/D. Participants should have a handle on playing the instrument, as this is not a lesson in how to play, as such.


Sponsored by The Button Box, in Sunderland, MA. For more information and to register for the workshop, see http://www.buttonbox.com/kendrick.html or contact The Button Box.

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I think you ran up against the character limit for titles (OK to be succinct, I think folks here will check your post if they are at all intrigued). I edited it to fit the full date. I'll hide your duplicate thread since the date is now visible.



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Keith and Sylvia are both first rate. Come out to hear them if you can. This will be a very rare American appearance of this fine UK duo. Great songs and tunes from two of the best singers and squeezers in the tradition.

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