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Kensington In Many Keys

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After years of working away at a backlog of C/G's, 70 concertinas later, I finally had a chance to do the redesign work to make both Wheatstone layouts and low pitch reed pans. I just finished my first and personal A/E which instantly became my favorite concertina in the world. Anyone interested can order anything from G/D to D/A in either my standard Kensington layout which is great for ITM or the Wheatstone layout for those who are used to it or like it's uniform pattern in the accidental row. Straight Jeffries is also a change I have made for a few people, though it is nearly indistinguishable from the Kensington Standard. I just updated the website with details for anyone interested.


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P.S. I also have an idea for an Anglo-type concertina (40 buttons) which would give 4 not just 2 related keys using the same fingering. An A/D/G/C instrument would have the same compass on the right hand side as the whole of the Uillean pipe compass, so you wouldn't have to waste time making silly high notes that are never going to be used.



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