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Morse C/g Anglo Concertina For Sale


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I have a Morse Anglo Concertina for sale, in C/G.


It is instrument number 302 and I have had it for a while but it has never been gigged and rarely taken out of the house.


It is in original case and all is in good order with no obvious cosmetic damage, another words, pretty much as in new condition.


I am open to sensible and reasonable offers.


It is located near to Derby(UK) and I would prefer that a buyer would collect or we could arrange a meeting for a physical handover if possible.


I will be going to ECMW and also EATMT Traditional day in September and Whitby Folk festival as well as having holidays in Scotland and Cornwall so could discuss meeting anywhere north or south, pretty much.


I am only selling as my Jeffries G/D gets played much more and this deserves to be played much more than it is.


Obviously I will make a contribution to the site in the event of a sale via this advert.


Let me know if interested.












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having considered the matter of price I think something jn the region of £1200 would be a fair price given the current £2200 new price for these and this is in very good condition and not had a great deal of use.


I am happy to discuss any sensible offers.



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I would prefer to sell within the UK and then there is an opportunity for viewing and trying before purchase.


I will be at ECMW/Whitby Folk Week and EATMT traditional music day this year if anyone wants to meet up and get hands on with it.


sorry Ive not been online for a week or so. Would you be able to put up any pictures please? And which layout does it have?



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Hi Jimmy

Not sure how to upload pics on this site, . . .


Click on the Help link at the bottom of the webpage then read the instruction about uploading attachments in the Posting section. Photos on the site help sell instruments. Size your pictures so they are less than a page width. Give that a try.

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