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Wheatstone Aeola 56 Key T/t

Robin Harrison

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I've just added a couple of You-tubes so you can see how it looks and sounds. It occurs to me that if you are looking for a quality English concertina and you are in the States ( or Canada) then the cost of this concertina ( I am selling it for what I paid for it) would allow you to have it tuned by the Button Box and still it would be a great price for such a good concertina.








I bought this a couple of years ago with the intention of re-tuning etc but really don't have any time in the foreseeable future to do the tuning and need to sell some concertinas ( new one coming in )

I have replaced all the original pads & valves and put new thumb straps on.

It is in old pitch and the reeds do not have any marks on them that would indicate post-factory tuning.

Bellows are fantastic and the ends plates are nice. Not perfect but good .

Air release lever ( aka slide valve ) and buttons for wrist strap. Old straps are available but poor condition.

Serial # 28030 ; 1919



I have not done any re-voicing of the reeds so although it needs tuning, it still plays well and has a strong and rich tone.

No case......more images can be shown and a recording too.


£2500 ( or US $ equivalent) plus shipping, insurance. I am going towards the Button Box in late May so could deliver near there.



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Thanks Robin, it was well worth the wait. I am completely happy with it. It is a miracle how this all came about! I promise to play it well. It will not sit on the shelf.


I wish I knew more of it's history. It appears to have spent a lot of it's life in Australia based on the previous seller's location. It even has a very old Glen Innes, NSW Beardies Festival sticker on the case.


If anyone possibly knows anything about Wheatstone metal ended TT Aeola 28030 or possibly someone that may of played it at Glen Innes years ago, please let me know.


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