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Wanted Wakker A-4 Model


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I would love this, it's gorgeous,




What are the chances someone has this for sale? or another Wakker.


I'm looking at purchasing my next concertina, a "new" instrument, Anglo C/G 30 button, sorry for being a bit vague, I'm just looking to see what people have for sale/what's out there. I'm based in Ireland.


Thank you :)


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Hello Jay-Jay,

I have been toying with the notion of parting with my W-A5.

As-new condition.

Now, please understand that I am in the USA, so it will be a bit of an effort to get it to you in Ireland - and, thus, it will have to be a final sale which may be an unnerving proposition.

Please advise if your interest is serious enough for me to upload photos.

Be Well,


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