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32 Button Lachenal Anglo For Sale


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Restored by David Robertson. I have had this instrument for over 40 years and sadly never truly played it - it is time for it to go to a new home where it will be appreciated.


David has done great work apart from rebinding the bellows ends cleaning and replacing the valves pads etc. the box is now concert pitch and ready to go. Please see the pictures.


I am asking £1750


It will also be upon David's site in due course www.concertina-restoration.co.uk




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I went over to see David this afternoon, David kindly unpacked it for me and I was able to have a good play. Your box is very nice, plays well but sounds too close to my own rosewood ended Lachenal of the same age (only 3000 difference in numbers) and I was looking for something louder and with a bit more "attack" to mix it with the Wheatstone ECs and the Jefferies and Wheatstone Anglos in our local concertina band. I hoped your metal ended Lachenal would be it. The extra buttons are potentially useful though. However, I have decided not to buy, sorry, but I am sure you will have no trouble selling it.



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