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Fs Tedrow "zephyr" 30B Wheatstone-Arrangement Anglo

steven r. arntson

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I'm selling my Tedrow 30B Zephyr Anglo, with Wheatstone note arrangement. It's a wonderful instrument, and I played the living heck out of it for about eight years. I wore out the first set of bellows and handstraps. The bellows were replaced by Mr. Tedrow, and are played in, but in excellent shape. A local (Seattle-area) leatherworker produced the hand straps, still in like-new condition. This is a "hybrid" style instrument with accordion reeds. The bellows are 7-fold, which is helpful because the instrument is unusually small in dimension (6" between opposite flats on the faceplate).

I'll prefer a U.S. buyer if possible (I'm in Seattle), but will entertain other locales. I believe these are presently selling for $2.5K, and I'm asking $2K in view of the visible wear (especially cosmetic flaking of the finish) but otherwise excellent playability. Please PM me if interested. I'll entertain reasonable offers, but am hoping to stick near to this price partly in the interest of paying the tax man. :)

Here's some video of me playing the instrument with the ensemble The Toy Boats, and here it is with a pint of beer (for scale):


A few other shots:

post-6336-0-48677200-1460339916_thumb.jpg post-6336-0-25156000-1460339934_thumb.jpg

post-6336-0-69247500-1460339948_thumb.jpg post-6336-0-87475700-1460339964_thumb.jpg


(edited on advice to show faceplate measurement from flat-to-flat as opposed to corner-to-corner)

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