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Trip To Skye - Lachenal Edeophone

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Hi Eddy,


Did you mean advice regarding the video or advice about your concertina playing?


Both seem to be going fine, keep it up. More videos and variety. What about some Italian tunes/songs?


Cheers Steve.

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Hi Steve


thanks for your answer

Indeed the request isn't so clear

I mean advice especially about the arrangement

I transposed the accompaniment for diatonic accordion tablature compatibly with the resources of a treble EC and I'd like to know if the transposition sounds good

For the Italian tunes (I'm tone-deaf like a broken bell so the songs are outside of my skills) I'm studing something

This topic isn't the correct space for a discussion for the folk music tradition of my country, but there's a lot of material very different from region to region (Italy is long approximately Km 1300 from north mountains to south beachs :D )


Cheers Eddy

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