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What Kind Of Tunes I Can Do?


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I have an anglo concertina of 20 keys, and i wonder what kind of tunes i can play whit it, and what can i do for an easy start.

I ask most for generes and so, i could say i like Irish tunes, but i actually can´t tell the diference, thats why i wanna know first what generes are available and what are they diferences.


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I'm guessing that your concertina is in the keys C/G? and as a 20 button theres still LOTS of tunes avaialble to you before you start to need the extra notes available on a 30 button.

Lots of the Irish stuff in the key of G, some in the key of D. Lots and lots of English trad tunes. Just off the top of my head: Egan's Polka, O'Keefe's Slide. Rakes of Mallow. Speed the plough. Soldiers joy.... The music for all these is readily available on the interweb


Thinking about it, I've only been playing a year and i have a 30 button but, at the moment. i very rarely venture into that top row :-)

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I have an anglo concertina of 20 keys, and i wonder what kind of tunes i can play whit it...


I am about 18 months into learning the concertina.


This is what I do/am doing.


Check out sources of tunes in ABC notation and run

them through an ABC editor such as EasyABC, and

listen to the midi generated output.


The tunes you like, you learn...


I have 20, 26 and 30 button instruments and speaking

personally, I have chosen to regard the fact that some

instruments have only 20 buttons as a challenge rather

than a restriction.


If you need an accidental which you haven't got you

can 'fake it' as often as not.


Don't get sucked in by the 'genre' thing, if you like

it, play it. I play all sorts of stuff (badly, I'm

afraid, but I'm getting better).


Additionally, I add a (fairly elementary) tab system

to my scores and carry them, and the equivalent sound

files around on my tablet.


A few sources of oodles of tunes in ABC format:


Lester's Tune A Day

Paul Hardy's Session Tunebooks

Playford's Dancing Master

Chris Partingtons Links Page



Search for these with Google and the links should

pop up...


These pages give you access to hundreds of tunes

in ABC format in loads of different keys (you can

transpose in EasyABC if you wish).


Good luck - I hope you have as much fun as me...



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