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Bought A Concertina A Year Ago, Looking To Sell It But Don't Know

Corsairs Concertina

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It's a Stagi English A 48 S Tenor without decorations, it has a stagi bag with it. The bag cost about 60 USD(but I paid in SEK, so it's approximately), the concertina itself cost 653 USD(paid both in SEK ofc)

It's barely played and I think it had decent quality, but I can't say since I do not know much about these. Been in it's bag for most of the year.

The reason for selling it is not due to any disappointments with the product but because I can't play it very well at all. I am a keyboardist and I'm not very experienced in that area yet either. So I'm probably going to buy a melodica to "replace" it, being a portable free reed instrument as well, difference being that I know how to play keys and have had experience with playing melodicas before.

If anyone has any other idea of where I could ask on the net about the price, I'd be happy to receive a link to the place.

EDIT: The title was cut off, this thread is asking about what price I should sell it at.

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You'll probably do better selling a Stagi by putting it on eBay.

Better than what? Also, I'm not sure if I'll put it on ebay or if I should put it on a swedish site, I'm not very experienced selling things really. I don't know how it'll be with shipping and such.


I had a very nice Stagi Tenor Treble 56 button English Concertina for sale last year and it sold for around £175 on Ebay from memory. That's probably the price you will be looking at.

I assume you paid a similar amount of money for yours, or does it not matter very much? Does it's condition and amount of use not matter much either?

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Better than what?

I believe the reference is a comparison of selling on ebay, vs. advertising here on concertina.net


If you want, you can list an instrument for sale here in the Buy & Sell forum. If it sells, then a small donation to this website is expected.

Of course you can do both - list it elsewhere, and also list it here, with a link to ebay or elsewhere. If you do that and the buyer indicates that they found out about it here, the donation to this site is still expected.


Listing an instrument here is probably a good idea, since everyone here has at least some interest in concertinas. With this post you are already part way there. It is possible that someone could be interested enough in this thread to contact you with an offer after all! But a more formal offer for sale here would be a clearer signal that you are ready to sell. Yet a Stagi isn't the high end of the concertina world, so the long time players here won't be likely to buy it, you'll be waiting for a buyer who is interested enough to have found this site, but doesn't yet have a starter instrument. So an ebay listing might sell it faster than just a listing here. I have no idea what the Swedish site might be like. By the way, I'm not at all experienced selling things either, just trying to help explain the previous post you were asking about.

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