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New Player In Oregon

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Hi there, thought id introduce my self, (i looked for a hello section i might of missed it :P )


Ive been interested in this instrument for some time now. This year has already been full of wacky changes and new things so I thought its a theme and id add 1 more to the list. So I looked around and got a 30 key Anglo Its just a Rochelle CC in C/G but from what ive read its a budget place to start. The guy I got it from said it was made in 2008. Its got a kink to work out, but all together playable.


I WILL devote the time to learning this. I used to play the clarinet so I have a decent memory when it comes to remembering key location, and finger dexterity. Aha and thoes lovley bellows to do the blowing, my embouchure was never the best. I intend to utalise the Online Academy Of Irish Music.


I am curious if there are any of you from the good ol state of Oregon. Mainly the Eugene area. Id love to jam and pick your brains about playing.

Im a local bread baker so I can bring treats!


Any who ill be more active in the learning section more than anywhere else, on the account i'm real basic and don't know nothing really about older makes and makers. But one day ill probily make the jump to a more serious model. Probilly stick with Anglo.


On a side note my dad is a Accordion player so this kinda a thing is not a "stretch" for my family HA HA.


thanks and look foward to yacking, playing, and lerning with ya all.

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Hi Noviastar


I live in Bend and am also new to the instrument. I also have a Anglo. Where do you live? In my short time here I have found a wealth of info provided by the good folks here. Enjoy your Rochelle.

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There are at least three concertina players in Oregon, but we seem to be a little spread out from each other. I live in Gold Beach and have been playing English concertina for about two years. I took some time off to play button accordion, but kept being drawn back to the concertina.


I play fiddle tunes, mostly, and chose the English instrument because I love the old timey tunes the best and several of them are in A. It's lonely here in Gold Beach. I havent been able to find anyone close to play with.


BTW, my name is Mike

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I know this thread is a few years old, but I figure I'll join it rather than start a new one.

I am also a beginner player in Oregon: Anglo concertina, Portland area. I started out with one of those red 1960's Italian models with 20 floppy keys which I found to be about equal parts fun and frustrating, so after a few years of stopping and starting with that I got a 30 button Rochelle and I am happy to say I think I am finally making a little bit of progress now. And I would love to connect with other concertina folks in the Portland area.

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Hi Monica Magpie!  There are several Anglo concertina players in the area. Six to 8 of us (former or current students of Noel Hill) would meet monthly, until the COVID problems....   so we are waiting for that to pass so we can get together again.   Since we all met at Noel’s classes, there is a strong emphasis on Irish Trad Tunes.  
    There are at least another 8 or more concertina players who I hadn’t see often (or have heard rumors of), who are into different genres or ???  Until gatherings can safely return, it is hard to connect with other players.   It is surprising, the number “hidden” players around town.  Going to various classes, sessions, workshops, dances, events etc. you then start meeting them... but that must wait ...

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I am anticipating a move to Veneta Oregon  I have been learning the 30 button anglo for about 3 years .  It is slow going because I play mostly by ear and most tunes are not in my head so finally am learning to read notes so that I can figure out new tunes with the help of utube.  I can play a button box accordion also but switched to concertina because it is lighter. 
would love to connect with someone of similar interests . 

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The good thing about these online forums is that you can be anywhere in the world, and yet still connect with likeminded people, even on the other side of the world if need be. So, you should find plenty of encouragement and assistance should you need it nearby; wherever that may be.

It's great to learn 'by ear' and I admire people that can do it so fluently, but also satisfying to learn some music on the page as well.  There's something satisfying about understanding what all those blobs, and lines and graph like shapes mean, which look so complex to the eye, on first seeing them.

  But persevere, and with patience and good advice, and happy encouragement, you will surely get there.

I started years ago on very basic music books and then advanced from there. 


Best of luck.


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just found your post, stating that you are new to the concertina,  that was in 2018.  You must be a pro by now.  I am just a beginner with the instrument,  

but have been playing tunes by ear for a few years.   Just decided that I want to learn to read music and so signed up for a course on line by Jack Tally.  
I am moving to Veneta, not far from Eugene end of July.  Played the accordion, button box also by ear and used to run a German restaurant with my late husband and we were so much into music, used to have a bunch of musicians coming there.  Would like to connect again with similar folk in Oregon.  Just to make friends and have fun.  I also like to bake and I am a dog person.  Would love to hear from someone in the Eugene, Veneta area.

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