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For Sale - 32-Key Lachenal Anglo In C/g

david robertson

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A nice example of the better sort of metal-ended Lachenal, newly restored and ready to enjoy.

It has new pads, valves, dampers, bushes and straps, the woodwork has been stripped and French polished, the bellows have been re-bound and re-papered, and it has been tuned to modern concert pitch. It comes complete with a hexagonal wooden case - not, I think, the original, but a good fit.

The instrument has the novelty cock-crow and whistle keys (not to everyone's taste, I know) and the metal ends are a bit worn, so for both these reasons, I'm offering this one for rather less than the usual price, at just £1750.

If you're within reach of Norwich, please feel free to come and have a squeeze. Or if there's anything else I can tell you, just ask.

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I'm not in the market, but may I put in a word on just how nice this style of Lachenal Anglo can be? My 40-button box is very similar to this one, right down to the novelty buttons, and I've really come to appreciate its distinctive qualities. No, it's not a Wheatstone or Jeffries, but it's a beautifully made instrument with a voice all its own, and I wouldn't trade it. I've even passed up the opportunity to replace its action with a riveted one; I enjoy playing it as it was designed to be played.


Your asking price seems more than reasonable, too. Someone is in for a treat.


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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