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Leveret Live Hd Stream This Sunday

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just come through on a mail from Leveret that their Sunday night gig at the Convent in Stroud will also be a live (and available for 7 days) HD stream.


Ticket available here;




Not sure if this is available outside the UK - so have asked them the question?


This is good news for me as I intended to go, but have been laid up in bed with the flu for the last 3 days.

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I contacted livegig and they let me review their New Year party show.


In short, it looked good, although rather dark, and the audio was OK - .mp3 quality.


They use Youtube for the videos so if Youtube streams OK for you then you should be good to go. I think that it will stream in 1080p video if your connection supports that kind of speed - mine does not, even on a good day.


The New Year's show was over 5 hours! It is like being at the venue in that you sit through over an hour at the beginning when nothing much happens apart from the occasional 'wee swearie' from the set up crew. It is an unedited live recording.


I intend to take in the Leveret show but, because of the time difference, I will probably watch it after the event.



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I have watched most of this concert (it is about 90 minutes long) and would recommend it.


The audio is pretty good, you can clearly hear each instrument including the odd click and rasp.. Rob Harbron's Aeola EC sounds really nice, especially on "Dundas".


The video is a bit dark so watching in a darkened room is recommended. Lots of camera angles, some panning, lots of closeups of the players fingers. This is not your regular Youtube Mr. Shaky Cam handheld behind a member of the audience coughing and wheezing.


The only real negative is that the first 10 minutes is a video of the backdrop followed by a short, rather mindless, interview with the members of Leveret. Andy Cutting comments how odd this felt to him - and it was rather odd. Be prepared to skip forward to the beginning of the concert proper.


Well worth GBP 7.50.


The mechanics of webgig:


You register as a member with the site, not an intrusive registration and you do not give them any payment details. If there is a concert that you want to 'attend' then you buy a ticket which you can pay with PayPal. If the concert is upcoming then you can attend it live through a video stream, if it has already taken place then you just watch it on an embedded Youtube video on their web-site. Upto 1080p video is available. You can watch the video as many times as you want for 7 days and then it disappears.


I am not sure how long a webgig concert generally stays available, so if you are interested in Leveret then I suggest you watch it sooner rather than later.


It is not the same as being there by any means, but the production values are very good.

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it exceeded my expectation - I thought the camera work was spot on and followed the leading musicians as one would themselves. The sound and was very good and was able to easily pick out the individual instruments. In all, I believe they managed to capture the magic that is Leveret :-)


Agree the interview was a bit pointless, but was pleased that the show was set up for a online audience in mind, e.g. no interval.


and Rob Harbron was the only person not to have an instrument change :-)

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