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Thumb Strap/finger Rest Screws

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They are difficult to find. Retain any that are still usable even if not perfect. Mark Adey at concertina-spares.com might have some. Model making suppliers sometimes have screws that are small enough, but most don't.

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Can anyone advise where these very small diameter counter sunk steel wood screws can be obtained in the UK (in small numbers!)... ?


Also replacement case hinges and their screws too?

Years ago Steve Dickinson sent me about a dozen. They've all been used now.

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The original long thumb strap/finger rest screws were usually 1" No. 1 size, but those havent been made for around 90 years now. Slightly thicker 1" No. 2 size are the nearest you're likely to find these days: 20 Nettlefolds 1" x 2 steel countersunk head woodscrews with the traditional slotted head


The same eBay seller often has other useful sizes too.

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