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26B. Unusual? Lachenal Anglo. At Auction 27Th Feb. Lincoln, Uk.


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For auction 27th February by UNIQUE AUCTIONS Unit 8, Hillcroft Business Park, Whisby Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QT

Lot : 749
A Lachenal of London Concertina
Estimate £20/30

see here:
Seems to be a normal 26 button anglo,
EXCEPT ….!!!
The ends have a large number of fastenings.
The corners have rather heavy looking chromed screws with what seems to me to be a profiled washer that allows the countersunk screw head to sit inside the washer.
Every side has a brass plate insert with three screws.
Each side has a gap & where the middle screw passes thru this gap there is plastic/ivory collar/spacer.
I surmise -
1. that the two end screws hold the plate in position.
2. the middle screw holds the end in position
3. the corner screws are a later modification.
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It seem like it's been modified, cutaway, so as to make it louder. There is a piece of material as a sleeve over each of the original bolts in the center of each void to keep the span from collapsing I'd imagine. The brass mending plate used was standard hardware store fare as far back as the 1920s. Growing up from the age of 5 in a rather blue collar community, family-owned hardware store I've seen so many of this type of "a working man's solution or improvement" done to an object beyond their means otherwise. Oh, the things that I've seen done to guitars, pianos and fiddles.

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