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Removing Hand Strap Retaining Ring

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Is it hard to remove a rectangular strap retaining ring (photo) from the hand bar on an Anglo? Do the end pins go far in? I need to remove rotting hand straps (Lachenal gold stamped livery) so that I can send them intact to a bookbinder who will make new ones. But I find that the straps wont go back through the retaining ring without snapping.


Advice, please?


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If you take the ends off the instrument, you can loosen the (usually 3) wood screws that retain the handrests from underneath, by just enough to slip the brass retaining ring out, so that you can get the new straps underneath. I would avoid trying to prise the rings out from under the rest, as you might damage them and the rests and make it difficult to get them back securely.



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