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35B? Jefferies Anglo. At Auction 10/11Th March. Corsham, Wilts, Uk.

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At auction by on 10/11th march GARDINER HOULGATE Auction Rooms, 9 Leafield Way, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9SW

Lot : 550
Good Jeffries three row Anglo concertina, circa F/C# pitch, stamped C. Jeffries, Maker, 213 Praed Street, London W6, with thirty-four metal buttons on pierced metal ends, gilt tooled sides and six-fold bellows, later hard case, with a Colin Dipper restoration invoice dated November 2015
Estimate: £2,000 - £3,000
17+air, buttons visible on the left hand end.
Seems to be in “old” pitch??
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A major clue that all is not as it should be is that the stamp appears to include a 6 after the old W London Postal District code, which it never did in the days of the old Jeffries firm - and W6 is wrong anyway, being the code for Chiswick, Fulham & Hammersmith, whilst Praed Street is in Paddington, W2. Indeed it was only in 1917, as a wartime measure to improve efficiency, that the districts were subdivided with numbers applied to each sub-district - so having any number like that is wrong for a "proper" C. Jeffries.


HOWEVER, all is not lost and I think I understand what is going on - Charles Jeffries junior lived in Kilburn NW6 (at 12 Aldershot Road), and I suspect (from the relative crudeness of the fretwork, but correct gold-tooling) that it was he who made this instrument, after 1917, and that there should be a letter N before the W6.


If it's one of his, it's likely to be even heavier than a Praed Street Jeffries instrument...

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... the tuning should be either F/C or F#/C#


Only that's assuming that they (the auctioneers?) pressed the right buttons! Many people who aren't used to the extra buttons on a box like this are inclined to press the accidental buttons on the end of the row instead of the first (RH side) or last (LH side) "normal" button - so if they're used to pressing the first button of each row on the right to find "doh" they're likely to get accidental notes instead, and those could turn out to be F and C# on a C/G instrument... :huh: (or lots of other things that I've seen there! :blink: )

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