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George Case Paper Label Wanted


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If you Google "George case concertina label" you will get a picture of one that you can edit and size yourself, I have done it with lachenal then laminated it and stuck it it the little window and it looks fine, I have also blown it up to almost A4 size and had it printed on a t shirt (yes it is sad), Vin

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Hi Scoopet


There are a good range of source images for the approach Vin suggests to be found amongst the Concertina Museum's photos of George Case instruments at http://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00183.htm


Incidentally there is an excellent paper on George Case and the English Concertina in the latest Proceedings of the International Concertina Association, available either by subscription (which is good value) or online at: http://www.concertina.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/PICA-10-Final.pdf


Good luck

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My experience with printed labels is that they don,t look very good as the contrast isn't,t good enough.

This is based on some Wheatstone labels I saw a few years ago....

I,m sure technology has much improved....

But is it possible to produce one now that is identical to an original?


If anyone wants to take on this challenge with their tech skills........I,ll happily donate a tenner to the RNLI if one is produced!!

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If you down load the image onto a memory card /stick,cd or such like and take it to a print shop/ photo shop/library or any one with a reasonable laser printer I think you'll find the results can be pretty good and can be sealed for even more durability.But it does need to be a laser printer not inkjet.With ordinary paper inkjet printing tends to dye the paper whereas laser lays the printing medium on top of the paper more like a proper print.Not great for photos but not bad for labels etc. I drew some bellows papers last year and laser printed them in an office laser printer and was very pleased with the results.David.

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