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Trade Peacock Hayden Duet For English


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I've been trying to sell my Peacock Hayden duet through this site for some time to no avail. I can't afford to drop the price any lower so I've decided to make it available for a trade.


I'm looking for a good wooden-ended vintage English concertina - preferably a baritone but I would consider a treble and would be willing to add some money to the deal for the right instrument.


The instrument remains available for sale at €1,500 if anyone is interested.


Here's the text of my original ad :


I'm selling my Peacock Hayden Duet concertina by Concertina Connection with 42 buttons + air that I only recently acquired second-hand from another forum member who also didn't stick with the duet system so played it only lightly. It's in great unblemished shape with a matt black finish and excellent 6-fold Wakker bellows that haven't yet been played in. Domed and bushed metal buttons. Serial no. 090, made when there were 3 versions of the Peacock - Standard, Special and Custom. Now I believe there are only 2 models available.

This is an accordion-reeded hybrid duet but I find that it comes the closest to a "concertina" type sound of other hybrids I have played. Lovely tone and good volume. It is lightweight and has a very responsive and smooth action. It comes with the original, good quality hard case.

So why am I selling? Well, I've been well and truly bitten by the concertina bug (or concertina acquisition syndrome) and have been trying out different systems, but living where I do means buying unseen. I've simply come to the conclusion that I'm more suited to the English system!

Plenty of photos available, just PM me.

Thanks for reading,




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