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Melodeon Leaks - Valentine's Day And More?


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Why have just one thread to follow on from Tune and Theme of the Month?

Those ideas are still going strong on melodeon.net, where this month's theme is (no surprise) "Love". So I thought... why not let that theme leak over here, so that we, too, can contribute a few tunes or even songs in the Valentine spirit? :wub:

In fact, I'll start with the first -- and so far only -- recording of me attempting to play melodeon, which I contributed/inflicted over there. It's a tune I learned long ago from the playing of Alistair Anderson. My memory is that he said it was a 15th-century Belgian air, the title of which translates as "If Love Doesn't Bother You, Then It Doesn't Bother Me". :D


(on melodeon)


(on English concertina; twice just melody, then w/ droney harmonies)

Meanwhile, a couple of friends in central Sweden suddenly decided to get married while I was away, so I recorded for them a traditional Swedish wedding march from Jämtland, the county in which they live:

Jämtlands Brudmarsch
(once through with just the melody; then one more time with improvised harmony)

Would anyone else like to contribute? (If you feel like stretching a point, I suppose you could make a reference to roses or chocolate. ;))

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Very nice, Jim!


That's a good start with the melodeon... and I really like the Swedish wedding march, on concertina.


I do have a Valentine's song. It's from 2012, and I named it Valentine 2012... can't say that I like it or play it much but it's... okay I guess! It is/was in the Tunebook here (ID 1544).


I was trying to remember why I wrote this thing, and I just now found my notes: "This evolved from my practicing playing a few chord synonyms... A9=C#m7b5(which is a half-diminished 7th)=em6."


Anyway, whatever. The recording, which is from 2012, is stored at box.com...

https://app.box.com/valentine2012wstanford This will NOT start any download but takes you to the file at Box, then you must click to play it.


The 'direct link' (same file but will download and play automatically) is:



I would upload the file here but I'm told I can't. I need to update I guess.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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All good!


Now what's next...


It was 'Presidents Day' (Washington's birthday) today here in the US, but... I doubt there's ever been much done on the English concertina for that. (And while I respect the fact that he was a Founding Father, I still remember the nightmare I had as a child where he was chasing me down the street... it was weird ha ha.)


So I guess next comes St. Patrick's Day. Hmm. He chased away snakes, right? Makes me remember the neighborhood boy who chased me down the street with a snake...


Hmm, that would have been about the same time... THAT could be why I had the George Washington nightmare...


Well, there you go. My very best effort to hijack and divert this thread!


Sweet dreams!

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There is a "President's March" associated with Washington that was so popular people would interrupt concerts and clamor for it. John Chambers lists "George Washington's Favorite which looks like a slightly different version from what I recall I have around here somewhere.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Here are a couple of leaked-theme reels:




The first one, "My Love And I In The Garden'" is perhaps better known by the title "I Wish I Never Saw You," but that seems a bit cynical for a Love/Valentine's Day theme. The second is the familiar "My Love Is In America."


So what shall we call the set? "What A Difference A Day Makes"? Or maybe "Cheap Flights!"


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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