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Solo Concertina As The Whole Band?

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Seeing as how I live here in NYC, I have to make a point of seeing him perform in person. This is a link to the documentary.




Sorry, Jody. The documentary was filmed in 2002. Much has changed since. Looking at his web site, it seems he's now in San Diego (and married to a different woman than the one in the video).


Great video, though. I'm glad I watched it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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I was trying to find some good examples of ragtime playing, but got lost in all the videos..


I saw John Williams, the famous anglo player, once up close. All I really remember was the playing was good and he was more or less carrying the tunes. He did have his band, which was in this case was guitar and I think some percussion.


Maybe I just like Doc Watson, but when it comes to multiple parts, especially the alternating bass heard on guitar, I think of players like Doc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VAbrnjdtYw


though the piano gives you a note for every finger or more, on guitar, its all of 6 note polyphony, but those 6 notes can do a lot. Reverend Gary Davis:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlQZwHcBqyQ


It might be fun to try to play a piece for a quartet on my duet, but I'm happy to stumble out a melody and broken chords.


I sort of play anglo too, but my anglos are both small boxes, one is a sub-mini Lachenal C/G, the other a modern mini-anglo in G. With those, I'm still just getting mostly the oompah chords and a melody if I try to accompany myself. But my focus is on the Crane duet - to me its a lot like a piano keyboard.

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I've been playing the chromatic Autoharp a bit recently and in looking about the web I came upon this video of George Haig from Scotland who is here playing pipe tunes on his keyed zither. WOW, here is an instrument that contains the whole band very nicely. That is to say, bass, harmony rhythm and melody all together in one sweet package. I think I saw that he plays English concertina too, though I'm not sure.



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