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Bertram Levy Recordings

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While Bertram Levy is widely known for his tutor, I wonder how widespread are the recordings of his playing. I have this notion that his albums "Sageflower Suite" and "First Generation" exist for many of us as almost urban legend.


Having heard Bertram playing with Frank Ferrell, where I bought the LP "Sageflower Suite", and recently listening to the "First Generation" recording, I am again taken aback at not only his mastery of the instrument, but of his tremendous expression and musical sensibility.


How many of you have these recordings, or at least have had the opportunity to hear them?

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I've got "First Generation" ... but my turntable is broken. :(


I've got another Bertram Levy vinyl album you didn't mention ... "That Old Gut Feeling," on which he played a nylon-strung banjo intended to evoke a gut-strung instrument. I really loved that recording.


I think he is a serial multi-instrumentalist -- his anglo concertina phase was preceded his banjo phase, and followed by his bandoneon phase ... or so I've heard.

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