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My New Website

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Hello all,


I've now got myself a website which might be of interest to some. There's a bit more to add, hopefully it will be all done sometime this year. It's designed to appeal to the general public here in Oz and to facilitate gig and festival applications. And also to further my charity fundraising and of course my concer playing.






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An elegant, well-designed and informative site.Super pics of those concertinas.Detailed- yet succinct- biography of yourself, and an honest and moving account of your cancer treatment and ongoing issues.Brave stuff. An inspiration to others.And p;enty there to encourage other concertina players..."Let the music keep your spirits high"

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Thanks all for the comments.


This is great, Steve. Good luck with it. I particularly appreciate your candidness in the "Cancer & Me" section.


If it wasn't for cancer David I wouldn't be playing concer as I do today, wouldn't have these beautiful concertinas, wouldn't be on C-net. Cancer's been a gift to me.



Love the new website, Steve. Looking forward to the CD too. I'll come and pick one up when I'm in Pambula next year

cheers and beers



Ho, coming for a visit Mart, great. I hope paradise hasn't changed too much since you were last here. Cheers.

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