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Now The Tyrant Hath Stolen - Revisited

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I recently took up this lovely and catchy broadsheet ballad once again, thereby hopefully implementing some good advice from fellow musicians (starting with raising the pitch by two semitones):

Now The Tyrant Hath Stolen

Please comment, I'd appreciate that!

Best wishes - Wolf

(typo corrected)

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I agree, the accompaniment is lovely -- I enjoy the way you develop quite robust chordal arrangements on the treble EC.


My only comment would be regarding the rhythmic feel. For my taste it could flow just a little more while remaining slow and stately. I realise that's a difficult thing to quantify but I think that would really put the icing on the cake.

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Stuart, I just played around with the "flow" like this (first time through straight as before)


"andante" exercise

and would of course appreciate your comment on whether you had a thing like this on your mind, or if I'm missing your point as yet...


P.S.: would have liked to have it recorded more properly but was again disturbed and annoyed by a silly person in my neighbourhood (she's in fact living some houses away...) who rang my telefon several times until I gave in and up for today...

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Hello Wolf


Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. Keeping it moving steadily lessens that slight feeling of hesitation that I think the previous recording has -- and it lets those lovely melodic lines really sing and feel like much longer phrases.

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