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Minuets By John Giddy, Gentleman

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As I'm determined to resume my being a part of this great community I'd like to say Thank You to everyone caring what I was doing with some music (that's what it's all about, isn't it) as follows:



John Giddy's Minuet - Nansavallen


Seasonal Greetings to all!


"See" you soon - Wolf

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Thank you everyone for the welcome and listening - and for the affirmative feed-back too, really appreciate that!


The second half of 2015 didn't turn out unfavourable for me overall, just lost track of some things really dear to me over lots of work to manage (which is nothing to complain about of course), and getting older, I guess...


Will have to go through recent and lesser recent posts now, reply to some messages and mails much behind time - and see my running short of spare time once again as the new year is so fast approaching...


Concerns aside - I will first of all resume (and hopefully improve) my playing all these wonderful tunes as learned thanks to Jim's much meritorious TOTM (thank you once again Jim!).


Best wishes - Wolf

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