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Concertina Doings In San Diego Area?

Bill N

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I will be leaving the frozen North to visit family in Southern California over the holidays. Is anyone here aware of any friendly sessions or interesting musical events in the vicinities of San Diego or San Marcos?

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Bill N,

I was not planning to host the concertina group during the holidays.


Michael Eskin runs an Irish session on Tuesday evenings at the Ould Sod on Adams Avenue.

I do not know if they will meet during the holidays. You can contact him as "Eskin" through this forum.


I do not know anything about events in San Marcos.


If you contact me by personal message, I will give you my phone number.

I can see if any of the rest of the group are available during your stay.

Maybe we can find a time that works for some of us.

Mary B

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Thanks Mary,


I will be at the mercy of others for transportation, and it is a busy time of the year, so I won't impose on you. Thanks for the info about the Ould Sod. I see from their website that there will be a session the Tuesday following Christmas, so I will try to convince someone to drive me into San Diego!



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