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Concertina Doings In San Diego Area?

Bill N

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Bill N,

I was not planning to host the concertina group during the holidays.


Michael Eskin runs an Irish session on Tuesday evenings at the Ould Sod on Adams Avenue.

I do not know if they will meet during the holidays. You can contact him as "Eskin" through this forum.


I do not know anything about events in San Marcos.


If you contact me by personal message, I will give you my phone number.

I can see if any of the rest of the group are available during your stay.

Maybe we can find a time that works for some of us.

Mary B

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Thanks Mary,


I will be at the mercy of others for transportation, and it is a busy time of the year, so I won't impose on you. Thanks for the info about the Ould Sod. I see from their website that there will be a session the Tuesday following Christmas, so I will try to convince someone to drive me into San Diego!



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