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How To Treat Old Bellows Which Have Become Over Stiff?

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I have a very old concertina which has bellows that are in very good condition, apart from the fact that they have become very stiff... It seems that the leather parts have simply dried out with age and with lack of exercise so to speak. Seems that they need to treated with something to restore the supplness etc. What is the recommended treatment for such bellows?

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...What is the recommended treatment for such bellows?


You may find some useful/usable ideas in this thread?




I was getting a bit antsy about the possibility of the bellows on some of my instruments drying and cracking.


Personally, I would stay away from the Lanolin derivatives, the 'shoe cream' seems OK - get the neutral shade (or

do I mean transparent?).


Some folks seemed to think that such treatment wasn't necessary at all - dunno?



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