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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


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As it's that time of the year I thought I'd do a quick recording of one of my favourite Christmas tunes.

A pity the jazz guitarist I play with has the dreaded flu - oh dear - get well soon.


Merry Christmas to all



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Very nicely played, thanks for posting. I'd also like to hear some tunes with you & the jazz guitarist when he's better. Sounds like an interesting combination.

Are you playing the golden Aeola you're pictured with on Soundcloud on this track?

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Glad you like it. In response to your question, Defra - yes it's played on the gold baritone-treble - right up the top end. The recording does, however, sound rather different from the original sound on the concertina due to my mic being less than excellent! One project I have earmarked for 2016 is getting decent recording rig set up.....

Happy Christmas


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Mart, your rendition of this popular tune inspired me to try one of my own, mind you I only had a day to put it together and I shot and recorded it on a Canon Elph! I wrote a different arrangement for reed organ a few years back, but I think jazz is well suited to the concertina. Thanks for the inspiration. It is here:


Edited to add a second link.

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Sorry I haven't replied to anyone - Christmas and all that!. Thanks for the comments and glad it gave you the inspiration to record your version, Mike - nice one!

I love playing jazz and will post a few bits in the near future - with the trio backing too - doesn't sound quite the same on its own.

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