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5 Concertinas Held By York Museum, U.k.

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Some years ago I paid a visit to the YORK CASTLE MUSEUM at - wait for it -YORK, U.K.

There was a re-creation of a York street from the Victorian times, (1870 - 1901).

One of them was a music shop - BANK's MUSIC - and in the window was a concertina.


So, tonight, having nothing better to do, ( I know, poor old fellow, stuck in on a Saturday night!!) I thought I'd check to see if the museum's catalogue was accessible online.


Lo and behold, it is!, here : http://www.yorkmuseumstrust.org.uk/collections/


It seems they are holding 5 concertinas, 2 on display & 3 in store.


Here below are the catalogue details :-





Basic info: Not on display

Creators: Gesetzlich (Manufacturer)
Description: Concertina with five-fold bellows. Printed plastic label attached to the instrument reads 'Concertina for professional players'.
Object number: YORCM : DA1855
Alternative number: 700140
ID: 45019356
Physical Characteristics
Materials: Wood (Body), Bone (Buttons)


Basic info: Not on display
Creators: Lachenal & Co (Manufacturer)
Description: Concertina, Anglo-German. 20 Bone Buttons, Diatonic Scale. Paper label "Lachenal & Co.Patent Concertina Manufacturers. London". Serial No 59718, 5-Fold Black Leather Bellows, Star Papers.
Object number: YORCM : DA1859
Alternative number: 630266
ID: 45019358
Creators: Lachenal & Co (Manufacturer), London

Basic info: On display
Description: English Concertina, 46 Bone Buttons With Notes Punched (on) ends. Pierced Steel Endplates, Hexagonal. Five-Fold Leather Bellows With Gold Star-Diaper Pattern Printed Papers.Steel
Object number: YORCM : DA7670
Alternative number: 390033
ID: 45022395
Physical Characteristics:
Materials: Steel (Reeds)
Creators: Unknown (Manufacturer), England


Basic info: Not on display
Description: Concertina, Anglo-German. 20 Bone Buttons, Diatonic Scale. 5-Fold Leather Bellows, Green Scrollwork Papers. C 1900
Object number: YORCM : DA1858
ID: 45019357
Creators: Unknown (Manufacturer)


Basic info: On display
Description: German Concertina, 20 Base Metal Buttons, Diatonic Scale. Five-Fold Leather Bellows Of Leather With Printed Green Decorative Papers. Wood Casing With Wavy-Edged Rims. C 1900
Object number: YORCM : DA1884
ID: 45019376
Creators: Unknown (Manufacturer), [Germany]


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