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Greg Jowaisas

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All the above are in tune and properly refurbished. You can send me a personal message or email me at gjowaisas (type"at" symbol) fioptics.com

for details and additional pictures.


Donation to site from resulting sales. One sold to a happy buyer. Donation made.



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Hi Greg. I've been rebuilding, repairing, refinishing violins for years. I also play chromatic and diatonic harmonica.l have always been interested in concertinas and have had a few toys over the years. Now I've become infatuated with boxes.I aquired an old (126,129) 20 button Lachenal. The next step has become obvious.

So I'm looking for a thirty button. Doesn't have to be the top of the line. In fact, I'd rather have a redeemable "learning opportunity"

Thank you for the contact. Please let me know if you know of anything. JH

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Hi John,

Thanks for your inquiry. See this listing for the other available anglos: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18260
The 30b Jones is out on perusal. The 26b Jones in this listing is a very good player and should be good value for the money- note the new 6-fold bellows and bushed buttons which are upgrades from what is standard on these models.


The blonde mahogany 30b and darker mahogany 30b are also good players with the same upgrades as the 26b (lightly used 6-fold bellows transplants on each as opposed to the new bellows on the 26b. The 26b is louder as one would expect from a fancy fret rosewood Lachenal.


You have my email and if anything is aof particular interest I can supply details and additional pictures.





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