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Wheatstone English 48Key Model 22 For Sale

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I'm playing the duet these days and two systems is more than my brain can deal with! So....


Selling my Wheatstone 48 key English Concertina, I believe it's a Model 22.

Serial Number 23472.... Pics below.


In great condition. Plays very well.


5 Fold Bellows (Look like they're the originals)

Metal ends are in very good shape, no real wear.

There's 2 bowing valves, one on each end.

Steel reeds and all look original.

Tuned to A440 concert pitch.

Professionally re-valved this year.

Original leather case still solid and useable.


Looking for £2250. Offers will be considered.


The concertina is in the South of England, I'm happy to try and meet so buyers can try it first.


PM me if interested.




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