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Concertina Maker Or Distributer... W Coleman & Co

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Thanks for this Geoffrey! I have just looked at the concertina museum's site and spotted two instruments which look identical in every respect to the W. Coleman labelled one which I have... Both are Ebblewhite labelled instruments. They are referenced C-374 and C-376 see at http://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00374.htm


Noteable matching features of these 'improved concertinas' with the W. Coleman concertina are:


1) Bellows paper pattern

2) Fret work pattern

3) Countersunk fret end screws, with c/s domed washer

4) Action arms and pivots

5) Frameless action plate

6) Surface mounted reed shoes, screwed to reed pan

7) Wedge shaped reed valves

8) Colour of thumb strap leather

9) Attachment of bellows to the bellows frame (looks like there is another fold).


I would therefore conclude that the Coleman and the Ebblewhite labelled instruments were by the same maker...


I believe that most of these similarities (apart from #2 and #8) are at variance with the design and construction of contemporary English made instruments...

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It is highly likely that these instruments were made as a by-product of certain Paris harmonium makers ...


Indeed so Geoff, in fact as early as 1851 concertinas were listed in the Great Exhibition prospectus of Julien Jaulain, of Paris, who also listed flutinas, and a small harmonium called the "panorgue" that was designed to be stood under the keyboard of a piano.

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I bought this instrument as a restoration project, with the view of getting it into a reasonable playable condition. However in the light of what I have now found out about it, I am wondering if it has more value in it's totally original condition, a collector's piece? Any advice of this question would be gladly received...

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