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2 English Wheatstone Concertinas...?

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# 34461 is a model No. 21 (48-key flat metal-ended treble) made in February 1937 and would have cost $125 when new, according to this US catalogue: http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-english/Wh-Pricelist-Eng-c1935-us.pdf or £12 15 0 according to the matching UK one: http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-english/Wh-Pricelist-Eng-c1935.pdf


# 36301 is a model No. 5E (56-key Aeola treble) made in November 1956 and illustrated in this catalogue: http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-duet/Wh-Pricelist-All-c1956.pdf and It would have cost £77 in the UK when new, according to the accompanying price list, though only £35/$98.05 on this Export/Trade Price List from the previous year: http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-duet/Wh-Pricelist-All-c1955-us.pdf but those would have been dealer prices and not including relevant domestic UK Purchase Tax (which had been as high as 100% from 1943-46, but was "only" 60% in 1956! :blink: )

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Jody! You're not thinking of crossing over to English, are you?


Well... it would sure be fun to have a decent EC to fiddle around with.


If you do start to fiddle around (english around) that would be a welcome development. I'm sure you'd quickly be able to show us EC players a thing or two. Good luck.

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So now, I am the owner of # 36301, an octagonal 5E Wheatstone English six fold concertina 56-key Aeola treble made in November 1956. The ends are black and raised. It needs a bit of work but seems mostly sound and playable. As an Anglo player, what am I to do?


This instrument just dropped from heaven, right into my lap, I didn't seek it out, yet here it is... like a newborn babe... it's hungry and needs to be fed.


It calls out to me, but so far I've neglected it for more practical and immediate projects. I think I'm scared a bit of it's power. Careful... the new English Concertina might bite.


Should I be the one to learn how to play it?


Why would I possibly want to add another kind of concertina to my large toolbox of instruments that I can actually play... when the Anglo is at my command?


Still... temptation looms. It really is a different kind of beast. Interesting things could develop. Decisions need to be made. Hmmmmm.

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