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"evening Prayer" For Engl. Concertina

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But I do have a question or two...


First of all, 'Evening Prayer' is a piece that I haven't heard too many times, but I had heard it enough times to know that I really liked the interesting counterpoint. But, since this is actually a duet, it's not random counterpoint but is a work with two distinct lines... I would say(?).


I have this song in a book, The Classical Fake Book (a Hal Leonard publication). It's pretty much the same thing, though with a few differences that make me wonder if the one given in this thread has at least two 'errors' (or, preferences??) that would actually be changing the song too much.


Measure 15 -- that F should be an E, I think?


Measure 18 -- the Gsharp should be an A for the first beat, THEN move down to the Gsharp for the second beat.



I am still happy to have the downloaded copy here, because I wasn't able to make myself a copy from my book, until recently -- printer problems. But, those two points bother me... especially measure 15.

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Hi Wendy,


don't have the spare time for more than looking at measure 15 which you say is particularly bothering you.


Given that the "f" note is actually a f# the impression of Dmaj7 sounds appropriate in passing from (maybe) Amin to Emin to my ears.


I might be going back to this later on, couldn't listen to the original as yet in order to compare...


Best wishes - Wolf

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