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"gaudete" - Video Lesson To Teach This Tune In Four Parts

Daddy Long Les

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I came up with this today and thought that some people might find it interesting as we approach the festive season.


I have arranged this for the treble EC although to play the tenor and baritone parts will necessitate the use of those instruments if you want to play the parts at the correct pitch. Luckily my Marcus goes down to F so I can play the Treble, Alto and Tenor parts on my instrument. The treble part is of course the main melody. I played the Baritone part an octave higher and then re-pitched it using my Mac's software. Amazingly it worked really well I think!!


If you know the Steeleye Span version of Gaudete, that is in C# however I have put this in G which seems to work really well.


​At the beginning of the lesson you can hear all four parts tracked together and then I subsequently "unpack it" as the video progresses. I hope some of you enjoy it/find it useful.


Tabs for it can be found at my website www.daddylongles.com - go to "Concertina Music".


Best Wishes



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I took Les's tabs for Gaudete and reverse engineered them into Musescore to give me a 4-part SATD score in standard notation.

Here is a .pdf of the output, and here is the Musescore .mscz file if you want to edit it and correct my mistakes. Actually, please let me know of errors and I will update these files.

I also had Musescore export the result as a music XML file which I then imported into EasyABC to gave me this abc text.

These files are all in my dropbox folder. If Dropbox nags you to join or sign in then you can choose not do so and still download the files.


14 Dec 2016 edit to correct an error in my original transcription: two Eb's in the baritone piece should have been E naturals. The corrected version should read v2.1.

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