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Reasearching What To Buy For A New (But Mature) Player


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Hello, All:


I've been spending all my musical energy for the last 10 years pushing my kids to play fiddle and I finally decided to start nagging myself to practice instead. So I'm buying a c/g 30 button Anglo concertina to play Irish music for myself and stop living through my kids!


I've found the Button Box to be such a great resource to find out about the differences between instruments, especially since they have videos of the various concertinas they offer.


But often I find the clicking and clacking of the buttons distracting. Is this usual in all instruments, or just the less expensive ones?


And is there a brand/type that y'all prefer? I love the idea of a sort of mellow/brignt tone, if that's even possible?


Thanks for any insight you can offer.

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I'll second Daria's suggestion: if it's within your budget, you can't go wrong with a Morse. It's my personal favorite of the hybrid concertinas, though the other makes I've tried (Herrington, Tedrow, Edgley and Marcus come to mind) were also excellent instruments; someone else might prefer one of those. Short of trying one of each, videos like the ones at the Button Box site (and on YouTube, etc.) are invaluable for picking the sound you want.


As for clicking and clacking, some concertinas are noisier than others. All other things being equal, a riveted action will be quieter than the hook-and-lever kind, though the latter can be much improved by a good set-up, including new bushings.


A bit of noise doesn't have to be a deal-breaker, though. Of my two Anglos, one (a Wheatstone) has a smoother, quieter action and plays with a lighter touch. But I enjoy playing the other (a Lachenal) at least as much, in spite or because of its quirks. Yes, it's noisier, but in some ways I also find it more expressive.


It really does come down to the individual instrument, and to your own preferences as a player--which are bound to evolve the more you play.


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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I'm a "mature" player who started playing about 2 1/2 years ago. I started on a Rochelle and within a few weeks realized that I wanted something better. I have a Morse Ceili and I like it very much. That being said....if I were wealthier I would get/order a Wally Carroll "sigh".

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I'm an elderly CBA player who, recently, has fancied trying the concertina.


I quite like the idea of an English concertina with a deep note range and a chromatic nature.


I'm almost certain that a Jack (may be even a Jackie) would fill the bill and not be a disaster if it doesn't take!


I'd be very grateful for comments from players who - unlike myself - have actually held a concertina....

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