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Howard's 2-4 Swan Street Manchester


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This is a bit of an aside, but I am doing some work in Manchester at the moment and have walked past this address several times this week. It is now occupied by what looks like a 1930s building/facaded building, home to the Big Issue in the North (a paper sold by homeless people - for those outside the UK). Peering through the shop front I can't see any signs of the original layout etc.).


The little badge is certainly in a higher league than the usual paper dealer's labels that appear on Lachenals. If time permits I'll have a look in the library to see if they have any old street directories that might shed light on this operation. Is there a number on the concertina that might help with dating?

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A quick look at SLATER'S DIRECTORY 1911 shows :-


Howard's Ltd. Musical Instrument Makers

143 Oldham Street. Manchester.


And I understand they were still in Oldham Street until the 1950s but, of course, it's a later address.


However, I've found evidence that Samuel Howard was at 2 & 4, Swan Street through the 1890's and into the early 1900s.


He's still there in my 1903 copy of the Musical Opinion & Music Trade Review Directory, in which he described himself as a "Piano, organ, and harmonium dealer."

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He described himself in that as a "Piano, organ, and harmonium dealer."


Which has led me find that Samuel Howard was "A talented inventor of improvements to the American organ who was described (Musical Opinion 1898) as a prominent music dealer and professor." (Arthur W.J.G. Ord-Hume Harmonium, the History of the Reed Organ and its Makers.)

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